Thursday, February 11, 2010


Micah at age 7 (he adds, AND A HALF)!

This past soccer season.

A lil smokey on a toothpick!

Allowing baby brother to pound on the piano keys.
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After Scott learned how to write his name, he was too quiet in the corner, and I found this. So proud of himself, I decided to take a picture of his hard work.

The things that he thinks about makes me laugh. The things that go on in his mind! Look mom, I'm a bird!

This is how Scott usually smiles at me. He was Clifford the big red dog for Halloween.
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More for Susan

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For Susan

I saw Daniel with this and thought of you Susan.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Baby Jan 2009

Daniel is ALL over the place! I wish he would just take cars, sit down and play for a while. He climbs ALL over the place! We have to leave all the chairs down, and recently I had to lay the END TABLE down, so our house looks pretty funny right now! When we ask him questions and he doesn't want what we're offering, he shakes his head NO! It gets hard at times but his smile often pulls my spirit up. He is so testy! He runs away at diaper changing time, and runs pretty fast for a 17 month old. This copy cat stage is so adorable and his dancing often turns into spinning around and around. He knows some sign language and tries to make up new sign language words that we don't understand. When he asks for something and we guess right, his yes is usually a giggle (I'm trying to teach him to sign yes but it isn't catching on yet). He LOVES books, especially the thick ones with no pictures. He uses his thumb to flip through the pages. I can't think of anything else right now, he's distracting me! So that's all for now.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happening with Baby

Would you believe that Daniel likes to sit and read during his leisure time? Well, here he is! He can read novels UPSIDE DOWN! Yup, this is what he does when he's hanging out with Grama (while grama knits).

Look who likes to help Grama make socks and hats!

Not a kiss, not a bite, just a raspberry!

People can't call him, her anymore! I never saw that he looked like a she, but I've made that mistake with other babies before.
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Hoola Boy!

Scott is quite good with the hoola hoop! He swings that hoop longer than me, Simon, Micah, Uppi, Grama and Susan put together...maybe longer! We watched and tried to learn how to swing like him, but we just couldn't do it. Micah is pretty good too but not as good as Scott. Now I need hoops for his arms, neck and legs. With all the hoops going he'll then learn to balance on Micah's hands, who will be standing on his dad's hands, with Daniel balancing on his own head juggling torches! WOW HUH!

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I walked into the living room and had to stop to find the camera as Scottie was putting a ball on his napping dad's ear and a stuffed shark on his temple. I put the camera away and checked on baby, then walked back out into the living room and saw Scott trying to put the ball on his own ear and the shark on his own head.

One day Daniel was whining and I remembered emptying a plastic tote. I put the baby in it and pushed him around and Scott took over. They had a lot of fun.

I don't remember the story on why Scott had swimming goggles on while Grama was reading to him. I wish I could remember!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Simon has been busy these past few years remodeling our house. Here he is working on the electrical a few days ago. A couple years ago one of his many projects was to set up our diesel truck to run on used vegetable oil. It sure was wonderful to take long trips with a bunch of filtered oil from restaurants! Busy Guy!

Simon multi-tasking. Talking on the phone and taking care of the baby!

Since Micah learned to stand, Simon had him balance on his hands...on the bed. Now that Micah is older he can balance on his dad's feet...on the hard floor! Scott is still practicing to stand on hands.

Daniel and Simon hanging out. One day I'll have a singing circus because one of these days Daniel will be able to sing as beautifully as his brothers, and balance on his dad.
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This and That

I've been very frustrated with my computer. I tried 3 different times to upload video clips (which took about an hour each time) for family who live out of town. I wish I spent the time fixing and uploading pictures instead. Now that I'm not busy or too tired to sort and fix pictures, here are a few random recent pictures.

Balancing acts.

A bath and Scott making bread with grandma.
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